Spicy Thai Coconut Stir-Fry

2 cups uncooked brown basmati rice

1.5 Tablespoons water

3/4 teaspoons red curry paste

1 teaspoon Thai garlic chili sauce

12 ounces washed baby button mushrooms

cooking spray

1 lb asparagus washed and cut to desired sizes

Optional: 1 red bell Julienned

1.5 cups sliced green onions

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1-14 ounce can light coconut milk

1.5 teaspoons brown sugar

Cilantro (optional)

Lime wedges (optional)

Cook the rice according to package directions.  While the rice is cooking combine the water, curry paste and Thai garlic chile sauce in a bowl.  Add baby mushrooms, tossing to coat.  Use a large non stick skillet over medium-high heat, spray with cooking spray.  Add the mushroom mixture and saute 4 mins.  Add sliced asparagus and green onions, cover and cook 3 mins.  Stir in salt, coconut milk and brown sugar.  Cook for 3 mins stirring occasionally.  Serve over rice.  Optional – Sprinkle with cilantro and serve with a lime wedge.

7 responses to “Spicy Thai Coconut Stir-Fry

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  2. petit4chocolatier

    I absolutely love this dish and the ingredients. It looks delicious. Coconut milk is on my list to purchase and try in recipes. You are so good with the different ingredients, and prepare them in a superb blending manner. I love the sand art on the beach. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks so much Judy, that means so much coming from you! You can feel the heart that goes into anything coming out of your kitchen.
      Enjoy coconut milk! I love it and it’s so good for you. I have another maybe you should check out, Broiled Tilapia with Coconut Curry Sauce. It’s one ‘sit-back-and-lick-the-fork’ sort I love so much. I replace the tilapia, but you can do it with tilapia as it calls for in my pre-vegan days. And it’s a super fast recipe!

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  4. I followed your recipe (sorta) and made this a couple of nights ago and it was amazing! Thanks so much!

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