Fave Recipes From Each Month

December 2011

Vegan Beouf Bourguignon (“Beef” in Red Wine with “Bacon”, Onions and Mushrooms) – Hands down amazing!

January 2012

Vegan Coq Au Vin (“Chicken”, Wine, Herbs and Vegetables) – Melt in your mouth, highly recommend doing this with the fresh bread browned in vegan butter option, with the recipe laid over the top…Mmmmm!

February 2012

Broiled “Tilapia with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce – This was a tough choice because I was partial to the Tilapia with flaked coconut chive and jalapenos! But my son is adamant about this one 😉

March 2012

“Chicken” with Port Wine, Cream and Mushrooms – Roasting the zucchini ‘chicken’ breasts in cognac and then sauteing them in mushrooms, port and wine, serving it all over a slice of French bread browned in butter ….are you saying YUM!! yet? 😉

April 2012

Roasted “Cornish Game Hens” with “Chicken Liver” Canapes and Mushrooms – This was SOOOOOO good! Watch the vid though so you don’t make a mistake I made!

May 2012

Moules A La Mariniere – ‘Mussels’ Steamed in Wine and Flavorings – I cannot emphasize how good this is!  As an appetizer or a main course….FABULOUS!

June 2012

Poulet Saute aux Herbs de Provence – Chicken sautéed with Herbs and Garlic, Egg Yolk & Butter Sauce.  We fought over the leftovers…MMMmmmmMmm!  This is super good.

July 2012

Strawberry Waffles on a Stick!  YUM!!  This was a VERY TOUGH choice this month, so I put it to a vote and this recipe won out of the 3 finalists.  And just in case you want to check them out the 2 runners up were Thai Spicy Sweet Sticky ‘Chicken’ Wings ..YUMBO!!! and Tournedos Henri IV (‘Filets’ w/ Artichoke bottoms & Bernaise sauce…WOW!)

August 2012

Ok, I’m in the same position again!  I can’t choose the fave this month!  So, I’ve narrowed it down to 1. Pasta Arrabbiata, 2. Avocado Melt with Soy Caramel Drizzle, 3. Black Beans, Peppers, Onions & Sautéed Veggies Grilled Burritos,      4. Sliders  I’ll poll everyone and see what is the winner 😉

Sept 2012

Tournedos Sautes Chasseur! – ‘Filet Steaks’ with Mushroom Madeira Sauce & ‘Butter’-Pan-Fried Artichoke Hearts over French Canapes or Pain Perdu….it’s a tie 😉

Oct 2012

Asparagus and Tomato Fra Diavolo – YUM!!!

Nov 2012

I’m torn again, between 3 fantastic recipes….so you decide!  Here they are:  Assuntine Pasta Carmelized Brussel Sprouts, Butter Browned Panko, White Wine Lemon Butter Amazingness  or Smoky Black Bean Spanish Chili and finally Zesty Broccoli and Water Chestnut Casserole

December 2012

Tough Choice!!  So I narrowed it down to these two but could not pin it down between them: Best Lo Mein Ever and Aloo Gobi.  ENJOY!!

January 2013

..So it seems I’m not good at picking just one..Here are the two faves of this month: Best Vegetable Pad Thai and Julia Child’s Filets de Poisson a la Bretonne

7 responses to “Fave Recipes From Each Month

  1. This list is quite impressive! I am very intrigued with the Vegan Coq Au Vin …and all of them! I should try these out…without telling my husband what it is and just see if I can win him over with the idea of Vegan! 🙂

  2. Wow, belated happy btrhiday to you Jennifer!I’m so annoyed with myself – I was going to enter the competition just for fun but I forgot to send in photos! :/Bought & received your book a couple of weeks ago and am MEGA IMPRESSED!!! I already have about 20 sticky flags hanging out of the book re: recipes I want to try!P.s. I think I cut my tofu fish sticks too thin because they went kinda hard and chewy in the oven… 😦 oh well, better luck next time, huh? The coating stuff was delicious anyway though!!!Keep up the good work :DNat x

  3. LOVE this salad! I’m a chickpea lover. Love your saalds as usual. Wish i have half your salad making skill! Hehee.Been wanting to comment on your entries, but grrr.. the iPhone doesn’t allow me!

  4. I’m sorry but those don’t look like Dosas at all. None of the ingredients nedeed for an authentic Dosa is present in your recipe.I am an Indian (South Indian) and have had Dosas all my life…If you would like an authentic recipe for Dosas, I could give you my mom’s tried and tested one :-)Sheba

  5. This sounds benoyd delicious. I just sprouted my own chickpeas and I bet they would taste divine here! I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s nice to stumble across another blogger with a plant based passion

  6. Ho ho, who woulda thunk it, right?

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