Insulin Dosage Response to Diet

Clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell
“…..“In a study of fourteen lean diabetic patients, Dr. Anderson found that diet alone could lower total cholesterol levels by 32% in just over two weeks.
These benefits, representing a decrease in blood cholesterol from 206 mg/dL to 141 mg/dL, are astounding—especially considering the speed with which they appear. Dr. Anderson also found no evidence that this cholesterol decrease was temporary as long as people continued on the diet; it remained low for four years.
Another group of scientists at the Pritikin Center achieved equally spectacular results by prescribing a low-fat, plant-based diet and exercise to a group of diabetic patients. Of forty patients on medication at the start of the program, thirty-four were able to discontinue all medication after only twenty-six days. This research group also demonstrated that the benefits of a plant-based diet will last for years if the same diet is continued.
These are examples of some very dramatic research, but they only scratch the surface of all the supporting research that has been done. One scientific paper reviewed nine publications citing the use of high-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets and two more standard-carbohydrate, high-fiber diets to treat diabetic patients. All eleven studies resulted in improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels. (Dietary fiber supplements, by the way, although beneficial, did not have same consistent effects as a change to a plant-based, whole foods diet.)…”

Previous clip of The China Study Here

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