Bananas Foster Parfaits

Oh My YUM!!!  Mardi Gras happened but around here it was Folly Gras!

Bananas Foster Parfaits

Bananas Foster Parfaits

Folly Beach, SC is never short on reasons to close the main strip and open the pubs and the people to a street party.  It was Folly Gras!  In the spirit of things, we made some vegan treats, this was one of them.  YUM!  I thought it was particularly entertaining when the rum is lit on fire

Rum on Fire

Rum on Fire

We enjoyed these with Kris’ friend Daniel who was in town, and, like Kris, he is a cook too…yikes!…both cooks dug them! Kris went for seconds.  It was a new experience for us all to have Bananas Foster in a parfait form….SO YUMMY…

The Recipe is Here 😉


3 responses to “Bananas Foster Parfaits

  1. This looks fancy and tasty! YUM!

  2. What a fabulous & tasty looking dessert! A must make, my friend!

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