The Solution – Obesity Continued Part III

A Clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell

“…The Solution to losing weight is a whole foods, plant-based diet, coupled with a reasonable amount of exercise.  It is a long-term lifestyle change, rather than a quick fix fad, and it can provide sustained weight loss while minimizing risk of chronic disease.

Have you ever known anyone who regularly consumes fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods-and rarely, if ever, consumes meat or junk foods like chips, french fries and candy bars?  What is his or her weight like?  If you know many people like this, you have probably noticed that they tend to have a healthy weight.  Now think of traditional Asian cultures (Chinese, Japanese, Indian), where a couple of billion people have been eating a mostly plant-based diet for thousands of years.  It’s hard to imagine these people-at least until recently- as anything other than slender.

Now imagine a guy buying 2 hotdogs and ordering his 2nd beer at a baseball game, or a woman ordering a cheeseburger, fries and a beer.  The people in these images look different, don’t they?  Unfortunately the hotdog, cheeseburger, beer image is rapidly becoming the “all-American” image.  I have had visitors from other countries tell me that one of the first things they notice arriving in America is the exceptional number of fat people.

Solving this problem does not require magic tricks or complex equations involving blood types or carbohydrate counting or soul searching.  Simply trust your observations on who is slim, vigorous and healthy, and who is not.  Or trust the findings of some impressive research studies, large and small, showing time and time again that vegetarians and vegans are slimmer than their meat-eating counterparts.  People in these studies who are vegetarian or vegan are anywhere from 5-30lbs slimmer than their fellow citizens.

In a separate intervention study, overweight subjects were told to eat as much as they wanted of foods that were mostly low-fat, whole-food and plant-based.  In 3 weeks these people lost an average of 17 lbs.

At the Pritikin Center, 4500 people went thru their 3 week program got similar results.  By feeding a mostly plant based diet and promoting exercise, the Center found that its clients lost 5.5% of their body weight over 3 weeks.

To Be Continued

More China Study Clips Here


14 responses to “The Solution – Obesity Continued Part III

  1. Thank you for openly addressing the nation wide problem in your articles about obesity. It it is a learned behavior not hereditary!

    I have gained and lost over 100 lbs twice in the past 10 years before & after having 3 kids. I am in the same position again. Now at 42, I cannot exercise it away like the last 2 times with my super hard workouts because I have no cartiledge left in my left knee and the right is compensating badly. Dealing with constant pain has changed me beyond recognition.

    After New Year I read “Skinny Bitch” & then “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. I have not eaten any dairy or meat since January 4th! …And Im dragging my family with me. Though I have only lost 9 lbs, I am noticing serious change and I understand nowmy body is getting rid of poison/toxins like crazy. My skin and hair are healthier (the last 2 times i list weught I did not eat any grains bread etc and lost so much hair That a wig was my next option because Rogain side effect is weight gain!), my middle daughter who is joining vegan life more willingly has little to no acne anymore. My memory is improving. While my mood is still seriously affected by my pain level, when I am rested, I wake up and actually want to do things! Motivation is one of the first of my good qualities damaged by obesity.

    I decided to write this hoping someone else who is struggling will know they are not alone and that Finding Nutrition IS the answer to regaining total health. My choice just happens to be vegan because I now understand how the body breaks down the foods we eat and there is no way I can heal myself with anything other than plant based eating!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story and your experience!
      Please stop by in the future and share more as you progress!
      I shared a video link a few days ago on my blog post about how 15 of the top 16 killers of people are avoidable by plant based eating. That’s HUGE! I am so excited an happy to hear about the several benefits and changes your noticing. I noticed the same! It was overall improvement, in areas I didn’t expect!

  2. This is a superbly written posting my friend and any encouragement towards a healthier lifestyle whether vegan or otherwise is a positive step in the right direction. Have a very nice rest of evening and a wonderful start to your Thursday 🙂

  3. petit4chocolatier

    Heather, as always you are on the fore front of making sure that people listen to such an important message about obesity. I read Suny’s comment and was amazed and awed. What a true inspiration you both are!

    • I was amazed at her story too!! It’s so impressive and I hope she continues to share.
      Thanks for being a part, Judy. Because you and Suny take the time to read and share, it makes me know that this information is getting to someone(s), and hopefully it’s a benefit in some way 🙂

  4. petit4chocolatier

    Heather, I thought of you early this morning while watching local news here.
    They are opening approximately 1000 new chains of a fast food chain. Believe me, we have many right now. The fast food industry are doing well economically. And much is because people do not have time or money to prepare meals. And unfortunately when many fast food chains do offer something unique and healthy the sales aren’t as lucrative. Example being another fast food establishment offered sweet potato months ago. Healthy and delicious. A salad and sweet potato, yum! Locally they do not have them anymore. No one was really purchasing them. Enough said today. Your post is so inspiring!

    • Wow, that’s a HUGE number of fast food places!! And you’re so right, it has everything to do with the easy fast fix! You know I came across these vegan frozen dinners for about $4. bucks each that are so tasty and fabulous when you’re in a rush. I may start highlighting them on the blog now and then. You know, if someone nukes one of them for 3 mins and take it on the run, it’s just as easy as grabbing fast food or plunking on the couch when one doesn’t feel like cooking….which I am guilty of the couch magnet plenty!
      Ok, enough said….but I think this is an idea I may start trying to get out there a bit. Thanks for your thoughts Judy 🙂 I always SO enjoy hearing from you and our chats 🙂

      • Fast food and not having anything prepared is pretty much how I gained my weight back. It takes me almost 3 hrs to chop veggies to make soup (French lentil or Vegetable recipes from “French Women Dont Get Fat”)and fresh bread. The up side is that soup does not have any meat or dairy so it does not have to go in the fridge. My family is getting into the habit of grabbing a bowl of soup instead of cereal or making ramen.

        Replacing things in my fridge and cupboards that have ingredients that are poisonous has been an eye opening and horrifying experience. More often than not there is no way to tell if preservatives are plant based or not, so in the trash they go. You can imagine this is also an expensive process as well, so our menu is limited to dishes without sauces and herbs that are not more ordinary.

        Meanwhile I am slowly buying things to build a vegan pantry. Which I found an article by just googling vegan pantry.

        One noted improvement is my sense of smell, (which I have exp with when I quit smoking 10 years ago tomorrow). My husband will not go without meat so about 3 times a week I broil him a few beef or pork steaks or bake him a roast he can eat for a couple days. When I open the meat, the smell…even the freshest cut from the butcher, is a rotting repulsive odor than I had never noticed before.

        My clothes are starting to feel loose which has encouraged me to get out my yoga dvds. Thank you for your comments hoping I will share my progress. I will. The PBDA community is one I hope to become part of for as long you stay connected.

        • I apologize for the delay in answering. My boyfriend owns several restaurants here in Charleston, and one of his long time employees (25yrs old)was killed by her ex-boyfriend. I don’t mean to bring sad news. I just want people to be aware and watchful, though I don’t know what else to say or ask for, other than you can’t help but ask Why?…. It’s so senseless and unfair and wrong.
          Thank you so much for sharing all of this, and I can heavily relate to the sense of smell experience. I went through it too.
          I’m thinking of beginning to occasionally post frozen vegan dinner options for when we’re all on the run. I’ll add them to the fast & easy category, or maybe begin a new category of Vegan ‘Fast Food’, we don’t always have time to prepare!

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