Consequences for the Adult – Obesity Continued

A clip from ‘The China Study’ by T.Colin Campbell

“…If you are obese, you may not be able to do many things that could make your life more enjoyable.  You may find that you cannot play vigorously with your children or grandchildren, participate in sports, find a comfortable seat in a movie theatre or airplane, or have an active sex life.  In fact, even sitting still in a chair may be impossible without experiencing back or joint pain.  For many. standing is hard on the knees or hips.  Carrying around too much weight can dramatically affect physical mobility, work, mental health, self-perception and social life.  It isn’t completely about death, it’s also about missing many of the more enjoyable things in life.

No one desires to be overweight.  So why is it that 2 out of 3 adult Americans are overweight?  Why is 1/3 of the population obese?

Going on special weight-loss diet plans and popping pills to cut our appetites or rearrange our metabolism have become a national pastime.

This is an economic black hole that sucks our money away without offering anything in return.  Imagine paying $40 to a service man to fix your leaky kitchen sink, and then 2 weeks later, the sink pipes explode and flood the kitchen and it costs $500 to repair.  I bet you wouldn’t ask that guy to fix your sink again!  So then why do we endlessly try those weight-loss plans, books, drinks, energy bars and assorted gimmicks when they don’t deliver as promised.

I applaud people for trying to achieve healthy weight.  I don’t question the worthiness or dignity of overweight people anymore than I question cancer victims.  My criticism is of a societal system that allows and even encourages this problem.  I believe, for example, that we are drowning in an ocean of very bad information, too much of it intended to put money into someone else’s pockets.  What we really need, then, is a new solution comprised of good information for individual people to use at a price that they can afford….”

The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell – To Be Continued

This YouTube video (some of you have seen it before) goes through the top 16 killers of people and how 15 of the 16 are avoidable by eating plant based, an intelligent, comical, dry, factual delivery:

Uprooting The Leading Causes of Death 2012

More China Study Clips Here

5 responses to “Consequences for the Adult – Obesity Continued

  1. Oh how many diets I’ve been on! But…there is this one passion that I have…that baking thing! But….moderation, I believe, along with some healthier options….will have to work eventually, right? I applaud your dedication to living a healthier life and sharing your concern and knowledge with others!

  2. petit4chocolatier

    I applaud you Ms. Heather!! You are bringing this up when it has disappeared out of the news. Everything you state is true. As one of your previous posts stated.., it costs much more in the future. Excellent post !

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