The Future Continued:

A Clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell

“…Dr. Ornish and his colleagues demonstrated that the lifestyle intervention program cut costs by an average of $30,000 per patient.

Much work remains to be done.  The health care establishment is structured to profit from chemical and surgical intervention.  Diet still takes the back seat to drugs and surgery.  One criticism that is constantly leveled at the dietary argument is that patients will not make such a fundamental changes.  This criticism is not only wrong and insulting to patients; it is also self-fulfilling.  If doctors do not believe that patients will change their diets, they will neglect to talk about diet, or will do it in an off-handed, under emphasized or even disparaging way.  There is no greater disrespect a doctor can show patients than that of withholding potentially lifesaving information based on the assumption that patients do not want to change their lifestyle.

Well-meaning institutions are not exempt from such ways.  The American Heart Association recommends a diet for heart disease that favors moderation, rather than scientific truth.  The National Cholesterol Education Plan does the same thing.  These organizations pitch moderate diets with trivial changes as being healthy lifestyle “goals”.  If you are at high risk for heart disease, or if you already have heart disease, they recommend that you adopt a diet containing 30% of total calories as fat and less than 200mg/day of dietary cholesterol.  According to them, we should also keep our total blood cholesterol level under the “desirable” level of 200mg/dL.  Though we are told this, we know that 35% of heart attacks strike Americans who have cholesterol levels between 150 and 200 mg/dL (a truly safe level is under 150 dL)

We also know that the most aggressive reversal of heart disease ever demonstrated occurred when fat was about 10% of total calorie intake.  Many patients who follow the more moderate government recommended diets see a progression of heart disease.  The innocent victims are health-conscious Americans who follow these recommendations, keeping their total cholesterol around 180-190 mg/dL, only to be rewarded with a heart attack leading to a premature death…”

To be continued

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4 responses to “The Future Continued:

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Excellent information Heather. We need to keep hearing this 🙂

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  3. Very good article. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well..

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