The Future

A Clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell

Just a personal note on this one, an amazing piece to me is how many times I hear that eating healthy is expensive….hmmmmm….

“…The future is filled with hope.  We now know enough to nearly eliminate heart disease.  We know not only how to prevent the disease but how to successfully treat it.  We do not need to crack open our breast plates to reroute our arteries, and we do not need a lifetime of powerful drugs in our blood.  By eating the right food, we can keep our hearts healthy.

The next step is to implement this dietary approach on a large scale, which is exactly what Dr. Dean Ornish is currently working on.  His research group has begun the Multicenter Lifestyle Demonstration Project, which represents the future of heart disease health care.  Teams of health professionals at 8 diverse sites have been trained to treat heart disease patients with Dr Ornish’s lifestyle intervention program.  Patients eligible to participate are those who have documented heart disease severe enough to warrant surgery.

The results are phenomenal.  After 1 year of treatment, 65% of patients had eliminated their chest pain.  The effect was long lasting as well.  After 3 years, over 60% of the patients continued reporting no chest pain.

The health benefits are equaled by the economic benefits.  Over 1 million heart disease surgeries are under taken every year.  In 2002, physician services  and hospital care for heart disease patients cost $78.1 billion (that does not include drug costs, home health care or nursing home care).  At this time the angioplasty procedure alone cost $31,000 and by-pass surgery cost $46,000.  In marked contrast, the year-long lifestyle intervention program only cost $7000….”

To be continued

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3 responses to “The Future

  1. petit4chocolatier

    I know exactly what you saying because I hear that a lot about eating good is more expensive. Eating good may be a little higher for some of the foods, but in the long run it is well worth it. Since your medical bills from the failure of eating right would be far more greater later on! Great post Heather 🙂

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