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Vegan ‘Chicken’ Piccata

With the first of the Month here the Fave Recipe(s) of January have been added to the ‘Fave Recipe of the Month’ tab…YUM!

Now for the first recipe of February that will most likely find a place among the Fave Recipes of the Month too 😉

Vegan Chicken Piccata

Vegan Chicken Piccata

Mmmmmm!! What is it about anything cooked in Wine that makes it amazing?….!? Saute these ‘chicken breasts’, a.k.a. yellow squash, in vegan butter and olive oil after being dredged thru Panko and whole wheat flour…..Simmer up some shallots in olive oil, add fresh thinly sliced garlic, now white wine…wait several minutes.. Now add vegetable broth blended with a bit of flour, thicken it up. Mmmm now more butter. Add capers and squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. Oh My Gosh. I served mine with fresh hot sweet potato rolls.. Want to take it over the top? Serve atop canapes (French or Italian bread sautéed in butter).

Oh! Out. Of. This. World.

Enjoy 😉 The Recipe is Here



A Clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell

“…Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of the staggering statistics on obesity amongst Americans. Perhaps you’ve simply noticed that, compared to a few years ago, more people at the grocery store are overweight.
Perhaps you’ve been in classrooms, on playgrounds or at daycare centers and noticed how many children are already crippled with a weight problem and cannot run twenty feet without getting winded.
Our struggle with weight is hard to miss. Open a newspaper or a magazine, or turn on the radio or TV-you know that America has a weight problem. In fact, 2 out of 3 adult Americans are overweight, and one-third of the adult population are obese. Not only are these numbers high, but the rate at which they have been rising is ominous.
Perhaps the most depressing element of our super size mess is the growing number of overweight and obese children. Overweight children face a wide range of psychological and social problems. Overweight children find it more difficult to make friends and are often thought of as lazy and sloppy. They are more likely to have behavioral and learning difficulties, and the low self esteem likely to be formed during adolescence can last forever.
Young people who are overweight also are highly likely to face a host of medical problems. They often have elevated cholesterol levels, which can be a predictor for any number of deadly diseases. They are more likely to have problems with glucose intolerance, and, consequently, diabetes. Type 2 diabetes, formerly only seen in adults, is skyrocketing among adolescents. Elevated blood pressure is nine times more likely to occur among obese kids. Sleep apnea, which can cause neuro-cognitive problems, is found in 1 in 10 obese children. A wide variety of bone problems is more common in obese kids. Most importantly, an obese young person is much more likely to be an obese adult, greatly increasing the likelihood of lifelong health problems….”

To Be Continued

More China Study clips here

The Blog of The Year Award 2012

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Best Vegetable Pad Thai!

SO Good!

Best Vegetable Pad Thai

Best Vegetable Pad Thai

This Pad Thai is hands down amazing.  I LOVE Pad Thai and am particular about it.  I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.  The proportions in the recipe will make 4 modest sized servings or 2 healthy size servings 😉  So, modify as necessary, double it if you need (want) 4 healthy size servings or if you want leftovers….which I LOVE having leftovers of this!

The Recipe is Here!

The Future Continued:

A Clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell

“…Dr. Ornish and his colleagues demonstrated that the lifestyle intervention program cut costs by an average of $30,000 per patient.

Much work remains to be done.  The health care establishment is structured to profit from chemical and surgical intervention.  Diet still takes the back seat to drugs and surgery.  One criticism that is constantly leveled at the dietary argument is that patients will not make such a fundamental changes.  This criticism is not only wrong and insulting to patients; it is also self-fulfilling.  If doctors do not believe that patients will change their diets, they will neglect to talk about diet, or will do it in an off-handed, under emphasized or even disparaging way.  There is no greater disrespect a doctor can show patients than that of withholding potentially lifesaving information based on the assumption that patients do not want to change their lifestyle.

Well-meaning institutions are not exempt from such ways.  The American Heart Association recommends a diet for heart disease that favors moderation, rather than scientific truth.  The National Cholesterol Education Plan does the same thing.  These organizations pitch moderate diets with trivial changes as being healthy lifestyle “goals”.  If you are at high risk for heart disease, or if you already have heart disease, they recommend that you adopt a diet containing 30% of total calories as fat and less than 200mg/day of dietary cholesterol.  According to them, we should also keep our total blood cholesterol level under the “desirable” level of 200mg/dL.  Though we are told this, we know that 35% of heart attacks strike Americans who have cholesterol levels between 150 and 200 mg/dL (a truly safe level is under 150 dL)

We also know that the most aggressive reversal of heart disease ever demonstrated occurred when fat was about 10% of total calorie intake.  Many patients who follow the more moderate government recommended diets see a progression of heart disease.  The innocent victims are health-conscious Americans who follow these recommendations, keeping their total cholesterol around 180-190 mg/dL, only to be rewarded with a heart attack leading to a premature death…”

To be continued

More China Study Clips Here


Filets de Poisson a la Bretonne

“Fish Fillets” Poached in White Wine with a Julienne of Vegetables….ahhhhh Julia Child…!

"Fish Fillets" Poached in White Wine with a Julienne of Vegetables

“Fish Fillets” Poached in White Wine with a Julienne of Vegetables

You may notice I replaced the fish fillets with lengthwise slices of baked potato for this Vegan version of Filets de Poisson a la Bretonne!  Poaching these vegetables and fillets in a baking dish of White Wine, vegan butter and seasoning, then bringing it up under the broiler for a touch of browning, crisping…Mmmmmm!  Enjoy 😉

The Recipe is Here

The Future

A Clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell

Just a personal note on this one, an amazing piece to me is how many times I hear that eating healthy is expensive….hmmmmm….

“…The future is filled with hope.  We now know enough to nearly eliminate heart disease.  We know not only how to prevent the disease but how to successfully treat it.  We do not need to crack open our breast plates to reroute our arteries, and we do not need a lifetime of powerful drugs in our blood.  By eating the right food, we can keep our hearts healthy.

The next step is to implement this dietary approach on a large scale, which is exactly what Dr. Dean Ornish is currently working on.  His research group has begun the Multicenter Lifestyle Demonstration Project, which represents the future of heart disease health care.  Teams of health professionals at 8 diverse sites have been trained to treat heart disease patients with Dr Ornish’s lifestyle intervention program.  Patients eligible to participate are those who have documented heart disease severe enough to warrant surgery.

The results are phenomenal.  After 1 year of treatment, 65% of patients had eliminated their chest pain.  The effect was long lasting as well.  After 3 years, over 60% of the patients continued reporting no chest pain.

The health benefits are equaled by the economic benefits.  Over 1 million heart disease surgeries are under taken every year.  In 2002, physician services  and hospital care for heart disease patients cost $78.1 billion (that does not include drug costs, home health care or nursing home care).  At this time the angioplasty procedure alone cost $31,000 and by-pass surgery cost $46,000.  In marked contrast, the year-long lifestyle intervention program only cost $7000….”

To be continued

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