BEST Lo Mein Ever

Lo Mein

Lo Mein

ohhhhh searching, looking, wanting some darn good  Lo Mein …stop, ohhhh, found it!  No kidding…though my sons may be appalled….This is their favorite Lo Mein recipe I’ve made for them since they were little, though it used to have chunks of flank steak in it…..pre-vegan days…  I’ve been craving this recipe and not sure how well it would come out, will it be a lame twist on something we used to love?…

It came out SO good…!  I mean fabulous.  The Recipe is Here

4 responses to “BEST Lo Mein Ever

  1. I LOVE lo mein. It’s just got to be one of the most satisfying foods to eat.

  2. Hi Graham,thank you for an advice,but what about now ,are you still vegan,I asinkg you couse? for me so difficult to stay not even raw,but vegan,,,somehow as years passing,I ve lost my will

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