Surgery: The Phantom Savior

A clip from The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell

‘…The mechanical interventions that we use in this country are much less effective than most people realize.  Bypass surgery has become particularly popular.  During the operation, the patient’s chest is split open, blood flow is rerouted by a series of clamps, pumps and machines, and a leg vein or chest artery is cut out and sewn over a diseased part of the heart, thereby allowing blood to bypass the most clogged arteries.

The costs are enormous.  More than 1 of every 50 elective patients will die because of complications.  Other side effects include heart attack, respiratory complications, bleeding complications, infection, high blood pressure and stroke.

When the vessels around the heart are clamped shut during the operation, plaque breaks off of the inner walls.  Blood then carries this debris to the brain, where it causes numerous “mini” strokes.  Researchers have compared the intellectual capabilities of patients before and after the operation, and found that a stunning 79% of patients “showed impairment in some aspect of cognitive function” seven days after the operation.

Why do we put ourselves through this?  The most pronounced benefit of this procedure is relief of angina and chest pain.  About 70-80% of patients remain free of this for 1 year.  Within 3 years up to 1/3 will suffer again.  Within 10 years half of the patients will have died, had a heart attack or will have their chest pain return.  Long term studies indicate that only certain subsets of heart disease patients live longer because of their bypass operation.  Furthermore, those patients who undergo bypass operation do not have fewer heart attacks than those who do not have surgery…..’

More China Study clips Here


6 responses to “Surgery: The Phantom Savior

  1. That is crazy information. My grandpa died from this. He had I think 3 total heart bypass surgeries and died at the last one. So sad. He was addicted to sweets and dairy ice cream…it was what killed his health and him.

  2. petit4chocolatier

    Excellent post Heather! I went to a benefits meeting and the top most expensive claims are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, ulcers, diabetes, and depression. That pretty much sums it up!!

  3. petit4chocolatier

    It sure is. Many reasons why health insurance is so high.

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