Roasted ‘Bacon’, Fresh Herb, ‘Cheese’ Whole Leeks

Ok, this recipe is a Home Run.   Like SUPER tasty.

My friends Brian and Liz, you see below, were kind enough to share this with me

Brian and Liz

They made this a part of their Thanksgiving dinner and happened to mention how tasty it was….and they weren’t kidding

The warm creaminess through the folds of the leeks roasted with fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley, salt, pepper, topped with ‘cheese’, ‘bacon’ and panko bread crumbs…YUM!

Yummy Roasted Leeks

And it looks pretty on a plate too 😉

Roasted Leeks

I had never had whole roasted leeks before, or whole leeks in any fashion for that matter.  I guess I’ve been a little afraid of how overly strong or pungent they could be…I will be making this again….and I’m going back for seconds now lol  Thanks so much you guys for opening my eyes!  They are so creative, not only in the kitchen, but Liz owns D’uva Designs, Event Planning.  I wish I had a smidgen of the vision, elegance and creation she sees and puts into her events, parties and amazing soirees.   Just an invitation I received from her swept you into the spirit of the particular party theme she was throwing this time.  See pics and details at

I made a few vegan modifications, it is SO good.  The Recipe is Here.  Bon Apetit!

6 responses to “Roasted ‘Bacon’, Fresh Herb, ‘Cheese’ Whole Leeks

  1. I sooooo love leeks! They get a bad rap at times, but I can’t get enough. thanks for this recipe–I’ll let you know how it turns out (but will not tell you that I added bacon–the perfect pairing).

    • LOL! It’s ok, you can use regular bacon rather than vegan bacon if you want….I won’t hold it against you 😉
      This was SO good, a perfect warmness, and creamy flavorful wonderfulness….YUM! What wine would you pair with this??

  2. MMMMM,..A lovely dish!

  3. I have to say…looks delicious! I’ve never prepared anything with leeks…will have to give them a try!

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