Heart Disease History

A clip from The China Study by T.Colin Campbell

‘…Despite the potential of diet and disease prevention, most of the attention given to heart disease has been on mechanical and chemical intervention for those people who have advanced disease.  Diet has been pushed aside.  Surgery, drugs, electronic devices and new diagnostic tools have stolen the spotlight.

We now have coronary bypass surgery, where a healthy artery is “pasted” over a diseased artery, thereby bypassing the most dangerous plaque on the artery.  The ultimate surgery is the heart transplant.  We also have a procedure that doesn’t require cracking the chest plate open, called coronary angioplasty, where a small balloon is inflated in a narrowed, diseased artery, squishing the plaque back against the wall.  We have defibrillators to revive hearts, pace makers and precise imaging techniques.

The past 50 years have truly been a celebration of chemicals and technology (as opposed to diet and prevention).

Some great advances have been made, which may account for our death rate from heart disease is a full 58% lower than what it was in 1950.  In addition, the number of people smoking has steadily been decreasing, which in turn lowers our death rate from heart disease.  Between hospital advances, mechanical devices, drug discoveries, lower smoking rates and more surgical options, there clearly seems much to cheer about.  We’ve made progress, so it seems.

Or have we?

Heart disease is still our #1 cause of death.  Every 24 hours almost 2000 Americans will die from this disease.  For all the advances, there are a huge number of people still succumbing to broken hearts.  It seems that we simply have gotten slightly better at postponing death from heart disease, but we have done nothing to stop the rate at which our hearts become diseased….’

To be continued.

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3 responses to “Heart Disease History

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Thank you Heather for this information. Yes, with all the major advances for treating heart disease.., we still have not progressed successfully. This says a lot!

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