Heart Disease Death Rates For Men Across 20 Countries

A clip from The China Study, by T.Colin CAmpbell

‘…American men died from heart disease at a rate almost 17 times higher than their Chinese counterparts.  Why were we succumbing to heart disease so?  Quite simply, it’s a case of death by food.  The cultures that have lower heart disease rates eat less saturated fat and animal protein and more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  In other words, they subsist mostly on plant foods while we subsist mostly on animal foods.

But might it be that the genetics of one group might just make them more susceptible to heart disease?  We know that this is not the case, because within a group with the same genetic heritage, a similar relationship between diet and disease is seen.  For example, Japanese men who live in Hawaii or California have a much higher blood cholesterol level  and incidence of coronary heart disease than Japanese men living in Japan.

The cause is clearly environmental, as most of these people have the same genetic heritage.  Smoking habits are not the cause because men in Japan, who were more likely to smoke, still had less coronary heart disease than Japanese Americans.

On the flip side, blood cholesterol was negatively associated with complex carbohydrate intake.  In simple terms, animal foods were linked to higher blood cholesterol; plant foods were linked to lower blood cholesterol.  Results were painting a consistent picture: the more animal food consumption, the higher their risk for getting heart disease.  And as other cultures have come to eat more like us, they also have seen their rates of heart disease skyrocket.  In more recent times, several countries have now come to have a higher death rate from heart disease than America…’

To be continued

More China Study clips Here

7 responses to “Heart Disease Death Rates For Men Across 20 Countries

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Interesting post Heather! I am amazed that Japanese men who live in Hawaii and California have higher cholesterol levels and heart disease than their counterparts in Japan. Definitely environmental.

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link to my reblog page?

  2. Well said & thanks for sharing with us!

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