Zesty Broccoli and Water Chestnut Casserole

Ready for something fast, happy on the palette…broccoli crunchy goodness.

Zesty Broccoli and Water Chestnut Casserole

You can put this together in 10 mins, bake for 25 mins…Voila, yumminess!  Mix up some almond milk, whole wheat flour, salt, pepper, a couple ‘cheeses’, melt it all together, pour it over the broccoli and top with panko that’s been tossed with melted butter…YUM!

Enjoy! The Recipe is Here


7 responses to “Zesty Broccoli and Water Chestnut Casserole

  1. This looks great….might be a nice change from green bean casserole for Thanksgiving!

  2. Deshawn Ososkie

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