Think Eating Meat is Needed For Physical Power and Size?

What if your focus is to become bigger?  One of my sons is a regular Cross-Fitter…we call him Beast…he’s a big teddy bear 😉  This is he and his crazy ‘ol mountain climbing truck


Do you need protein-rich animal-based foods (a.k.a. meat) to reach that greater body size and weight?

A Clip From The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell:

‘…We now know that eating a low-fat, low-protein diet high in complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables will help you lose weight.  But what if you want to become bigger?  A desire to be big is a mark of manliness, prowess and dominance in most cultures.  During the colonial period in Asia and Africa, Europeans even considered smaller people to be less civilized.

Animal protein enjoys the reputation of being needed and even recommended for physical power, bigger athletes and to better compete in the Olympics and other sports.

There is however a problem with this idea being a good way to become bigger.  The people who eat the most animal protein have the most heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as higher levels of total and bad cholesterol.  Might it be possible for us to achieve this potential through plant protein?

The good news is this: Body growth and size is linked to protein in general and both animal and plant proteins are effective!  This means that people can achieve their potential for growth and body size by consuming a plant-based diet.

So why is it that people in developing nations, who consume little or no animal-based foods, are consistently smaller than Western people?  This is because in these poor areas, they usually have insufficient variety, inadequate quantity and quality.

These findings show that the same low-animal protein, low-fat diet that helps prevent obesity also allows people to reach their full growth potential while working other wonders of regulating blood cholesterol and reducing heart disease and a variety of cancers.

What are the odds that all these associations (and many others) favoring a plant-based diet are due to pure chance?  It is extremely unlikely to say the least.  Such a consistency of evidence across a broad range of associations is rare in scientific research.  It defies the status quo, promises new health benefits and demands our attention…’

Check out Here what NFL Football player Arian Foster has to say about his plant-based diet.

More China Study clips Here.

3 responses to “Think Eating Meat is Needed For Physical Power and Size?

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Thank you for the information!

    I loved reading about Arian Foster again!

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