The China Study Weighs In

A Clip From The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell

‘….What we found was astonishing.  The average calorie intake was 30% higher among the least active Chinese than among average Americans.  Yet, body weight was 20% lower.  How can it be that even the least active Chinese consume more calories yet have no overweight problems?

Consuming diets high in protein and fat transfers calories away from their conversion into body heat to their storage form-as body fat.  In contrast diets low in protein and fat cause calories to be “lost” as body heat.

This is what our China Study data show.  Chinese consume more calories both because they are more physically active and because their consumption of low-fat, low-protein diets shifts conversion of these calories away from body fat to body heat.  This is true even for the least physically active Chinese.  We saw the same phenomenon in our experimental animals fed the low-protein diets.  They routinely consumed slightly more calories, gained less weight, disposed of the extra calories as body heat and voluntarily exercised more while still having far less cancer than animals on standard diets.  We found that calories were “burned” at a faster rate and transformed into body heat as more oxygen was consumed.

Understanding that diet can cause small shifts in calorie metabolism that lead to big shifts in body weight is an important and useful concept.  It means that there is an orderly process of controlling body weight over time that does work, as opposed to the disorderly process of crash diets that don’t work.  It also accounts for the frequent observations that people who consume low-protein, low-fat diets composed of whole plant foods have far less difficulty with weight problems, even if they consume the same, or even slightly more, total calories.

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5 responses to “The China Study Weighs In

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Hi Heather, thank you for the information!

    Would you have more information on the benefits of teas? Especially more on green teas and studies within China?

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