The Atkins Crisis

A Clip from The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell

‘…In case you haven’t noticed, there is an elephant in the room.  It goes by the name “low-carb diet”, and it has become very popular.  Variations of this one theme: eat as much protein, meat and fat as you want, but stay away from those “fatty” carbs.  As you have seen already in this book, eating this way is perhaps the single greatest threat to American health we currently face.  So what is the story anyway?

It is difficult to know where to begin to refute the maze of misinformation and false promises commonly made by those untrained in nutrition, who have never conducted any peer-reviewed, professionally based experimental research.  And yet they are immensely popular.  Why?  Because people do lose weight initially.

One published study funded by the Atkins Center for Complimentary Medicine, found subjects lost an average of 20 pounds in 6 months and average blood cholesterol levels decreased slightly.  These subjects were restricted from the average American consumption of 2250 calories/day to 1450 calories/day.  That’s 35% fewer calories.  If you eat worms and cardboard, if you eat 35% less calories you will lose weight and your cholesterol levels will improve in the short run but this is not to say that worms and cardboard are a healthy diet.

The study also found subjects suffered from constipation, bad breath, headaches, noted hair loss, increase menstrual bleeding.  Adverse effects of this diet in children include calcium oxalate, urate kidney stones, vomiting, amenorrhea (losing one’s period), hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol) and vitamin deficiencies.  Subjects also had a stunning 53% increase in the amount of calcium they excreted in their urine.

An additional review of low-carb diet by researchers in Australia conclude “Complications such as heart arrhythmias, cardiac contractile function impairment, sudden death, osteoporosis, kidney damage, increased cancer risk, impairment of physical activity and lipid abnormalities are linked to long-term restriction of carbohydrates in the diet.”

One teenage girl recently died suddenly after being on a high-protein diet.  In short most people will be unable to maintain this diet for the rest of their lives, and even if anybody manages to do so, they may be asking for serious health problems down the road…’

The Truth about Carbohydrates is what we will talk about next.

More China Study Clips Here

5 responses to “The Atkins Crisis

  1. I knew it! Give me my carbs!

  2. petit4chocolatier

    Excellent post Heather! I knew so many people that tried this diet to only lose weight, not feel well, and gain it back again! And try another diet. I guess I really know why now. Thank you for this valuable information.

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