Black Bean Sweet Potato Empenadas

Mmmmm Empenadas! These are a great mix of slight spiciness, sweetness, heartiness and comfort food.  Dip ’em in guacamole, dip ’em in salsa or grab a couple on their own.


The sweet potato with cilantro, green onions, roasted poblano chile, black beans, cumin, chili powder wrapped up in like a little Mexican turnover, Yum!

The Recipe is Here, it makes about 10 Empenadas, Enjoy!


13 responses to “Black Bean Sweet Potato Empenadas

  1. Waw! They look so freaking delicious!! Yum!

  2. Oh my… Those look absolutely fab. I have to try those. Did you make that dish up yourself? Wow!

  3. uh, YUM!!!!! love this!

    • Thanks girl! These were SO tasty!

    • First, Jennifer, I preordered your book from aomazn and have been enjoying it very much since its arrival. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months and it’s fantastic. From your book, I allowed my daughter to go through and pick a few things to try. She picked the inari rolls, pepperoni pizzas, and the cute sandwich cutouts. Boy, was I surprised to see the canned inari rolls for $6.99/can at my local Asian grocer. But they’re imported, so … anyway, thanks for re-releasing the book. Wish you’d do a whole series. Just reading through this book tells me your’e a fantastic mom. You do so much for your son. Make the rest of us look bad. 🙂 And Happy B-day! September 1st is my birthday, too!

    • I just found this post as I was browsing the blog. My byfnrieod and I live in Austin, but travel through Dallas often on our way to Oklahoma, and I’m always on the lookout for places that aren’t too far from I-35 / 75 that have great vegan options. My one concern about Pizza Lounge is their crust. Per the website – “All pizzaLOUNGE pies are made from special dough which is made daily and includes local honey.” Do they have honey-less crusts for their vegan pizzas?

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  6. Hi Felicia! They are SO tasty! I’d love to take the credit but they are a micfoidation of a recipe I saw once.I’m thinking of other additions I could make to them like diced red bell .

  7. What you are talking about is a life style cghane not a diet. Diets are temporary and do not last. Also neither a vegan or vegetarian diets has more weight loss benefits than the other. Weight loss has to do with metabolism, diet, and exercise. Basically you just need to watch how many calories you are taking in daily. Vegetarians and vegans are definitely not always skinny. Although their limited diets consist of foods that are lower in calories they also deprive the body of important nutrients if care is not taken. I suggest becoming a pescatarian (i.e. essentially a vegetarian that eats fish and seafood). Regardless you do not need to become a vegan ect to lose weight. Eat lean meat, plenty of fruits and vegtables, whole grain wheat breads, and drink plenty of water. Just limit your consumption. One should never eat until he/she feels “full”. Also people who eat throughout the day tend to weigh less. Eat small meals ( lunch example: sandwich(bread,meat, maybe cheese/ a yogurt/ and an apple) and eat a small snack in between to prevent hunger (carrots, celery, or a banana). Most people overeat because of prolonged hunger. And finally make sure you get at least 30min. of exercise daily.

  8. Just found this recipe for Zucchini Hummus. Not sure how it testas, I’m planning to try making it this weekend but sounds yummy.’Zucchini Hummusmakes approximately 1 cup2 cups diced zucchini2 cloves garlic3 tablespoons tahini1 tablespoon lemon juice2 tablespoons olive oil1 teaspoon saltBlitz everything together in a food processor until smooth.The zucchini will create excess liquid, so be sure to stir the hummus to reincorporate before serving. John, Didn’t you try making it with some Frank’s hot sauce? How did it turn out? Share the recipe if you can.

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