Black Bean and Veggie Chilaquiles

This traditional Mexican breakfast (made vegan ;)) is FANTASTIC..and isn’t just for breakfast.  The layers of corn tortillas, sauteed veggies, enchilada sauce poured over it all and topped with Daiya cheddar shreads..

Black Bean and Veggie Chilaquiles

Bake 10 mins then I top it off with avocado and cilantro…MMMM!!  You could also top with some fresh chopped tomatoes, a wedge of lime.  This was SO good.

Black Bean Avocado Veggie Chilaquiles

The enchilada sauce gave the perfect amount of kick!  The whole combination has SUCH fabulous flavor.

The Recipe is Here, Enjoy!

3 responses to “Black Bean and Veggie Chilaquiles

  1. Love Mexican dishes! This looks delicious, I love topping Mexican foods with avocado. I just skip the cheese because avocado is so creamy! Yummy!

  2. Thank you for sharing. It\’s been 7 weeks today since my last chemo trtanmeet. I have some baby chick hair:) It\’s soft and cute but I can\’t wait for a few more weeks to pass and see some real hair. It\’s a waiting game. I hope you\’re doing well, are healthy and love your life.

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