Poulet Roti, Tomates A La Provencale and Pommes De Terre Chateau

Julia Child’s Whole Roast Chicken, Stuffed Tomatoes and Potatoes Sautéed in Butter…..Wow

Poulet Roti, Tomates A La Provencale and Pommes De Terre Chateau

I replaced the Whole Roasted Chicken with Whole Yellow and Green Squash, adjusted the cooking time a bit, added a little time under the broiler at the end to crisp them a touch, everything else was done the same.  The basting, the seasonings, rubbing them with sea salt and (vegan) butter…..How could this not be fabulous…?…MMMMMM!

This is so good. Definitely entertaining worthy.  Julia recommends serving it with a Bordeaux-Medoc….I love Julia’s recs 😉

The Recipes are Here:

Poulet Roti – Whole Roasted ‘Chicken’

Tomates A La Provençale – Tomatoes Stuffed with Bread Crumbs, Garlic and Herbs

Pommes De Terre Chateau – Potatoes Sautéed in Butter

16 responses to “Poulet Roti, Tomates A La Provencale and Pommes De Terre Chateau

  1. We think alike! (quick, seek counseling).
    Julia Child is one of my favorite cooks. While I have always disliked the uppityness of french chefs, (worked with a few in my younger days), I had to admit their addiction to butter and cream sauces made even snails ‘look’ tempting… I said look, not ‘tasted’. There ain’t no way I’m sticken my arm in some scummy fetid pond feelin’ around for critters that even a fish wouldn’t barf on! (maybe they do but I never stuck my head in there to watch ’em)

    Julia recommends washing it down with a glass (a case?) of Bordeaux-Medoc wine. I myself couldn’t afford such vulgarities back then so a few bottles of Ripple and a half drunk bottle of Boon’s farm apple wine had to do. Of course in those days it wasn’t unheard of to forget what the oven was doing until smoke was billowing out because along with the wine, a number of special brownies were eagerly consumed as appetizers. Burnt or not, I couldn’t tell anyway so I ate right out of the pan. (under the same circumstances, I’m sure the french would do the same).
    But I digress, I like your alteration of Mrs Childs recipes into vegan ones and if I didn’t have such a horrible case of the munchies right now, I’d most likely try it out… Oh look, I just found a half eaten brownie behind my bottle of Mad Dog… are those Oreo cookies? Oooooo.

    • I LOVE brownies as an appetizer 😉 When you get through your munchies I hope you get the chance to do some squash this way. It was fabulous! I just had some leftovers…..but you and I both will stay away from the snails….YUCK!

      • I actually did copy the recipe and want to try it 🙂

        • Nice! I hope all is well in you neck of the woods 🙂

          • I’m sooo bored! I spent the day pruning my star fruit, orange, green tee tree and a newer avocado I planted. My grapefruit tree had a bad case of leaf miners but seems to be on the mend. I have about 30 pineapple plants now and they are doing great. So are my banana plants except for one. I think I killed it by accident. Most all my veggies are about done with. My ‘Florida Everglades’ tomato gave me a enough tomatoes this year to give some of the seeds away. They are an indigenous tomato smaller than a marble but has incredible flavor. Evertime I have company and make a salad I use them. Most Floridians have never seen them either. Hands down they are the most flavorful tomato’s I’ve ever grown. I used to live in the Everglades and found a few plants growing there. I recently saw them for sale on a heritage seed web site. Let me know if you ever want some seeds, I’ll mail you some. They are miniature looking tomato seeds. Online they are 10 cents a seed! I never charge for seeds and cuttings. Homegrown food should be given freely.
            Take care dear, enjoy your week 🙂 Joe

          • Wow, Joe, that’s awesome! I am afraid I have never grown a vegetable myself in my life. My sons say I have two black thumbs. Apparently that is not a forte of mine. Though 1 of my sons has a double green thumb. Everything he touches flourishes and doesn’t just come to life but amazing life!

          • I’ve been there! I called mine the ‘thumb of death’! I even tried talking to my plants… OK, I’d go out to the garden and swear at them for embarrassing me in front of my neighbors!

            I’d go out there weeding and turning over the soil… alright, I’d go out swearing AND kicking any dirt clods and weeds into oblivion out of pure frustration.
            It made great entertainment for my neighbors. They’d line up their lawn chairs, phone friends to come over, sit drinking beers while video tapping my escapades to send them to America’s funniest home videos. So you’re not alone!
            This year everything is coming up great and I figured out why. I now practice my Spanish on them! I don’t think my garden is bilingual so I can swear all I want at them and they sit there smiling at me. Of course I did repair my automatic sprinkler system but I’m sure that had nothing to do with this years amazing growth! 🙂

          • Oh my gosh I want to see that video! How lucky are you that your plants are not mulit-lingual like most of us Americans 😉

          • Imagine Kevin Costner standing in his ‘corn field of dreams’ and shouting…”Mierda!” at his corn! That was me!!!

  2. Wow.. that looks pretty phenomenal!

  3. This looks divine! I love squash on its own, but when it’s all jazzed up like this it would be so much better 🙂

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