Fat and Breast Cancer


A clip from The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

‘…If there were some sort of nutrition parade, and each nutrient had a float, by far the biggest would belong to fat.

With few exceptions, animal-based foods contain considerably more fat than plant-based foods.  The correlation between fat intake and animal protein intake is more than 90%.  This means that fat intake increases in parallel with animal protein intake.  In other words, dietary fat is an indicator of how much animal-based food is in the diet.  It is almost a perfect match.

Unique attention was given to fat motivated by International studies showing that the amount of dietary fat consumed was closely associated with the incidence of breast cancer, large bowel cancer and heart disease.

Studies also showed that people who migrated from one area to another and who started eating the typical diet of their new residency assumed the disease risk of the area to which they moved.  This strongly implied that diet and lifestyle were the principal causes of diseases.  These studies concluded that only 2-3% of all cancers could be attributed to genes.  It showed that breast cancer was associated with animal fat intake but not with plant fat.

Higher dietary fat is associated with higher blood cholesterol also associated with more breast cancer and earlier age of menarche (age of first menstruation).  The average age of menarche in China is 17.  In the US it is 11.  Menarche is triggered by the growth rate of the girl; the faster the growth, the earlier the age of onset and often leads to greater adult body height, weight and fatness, each of which is associated with higher breast cancer risk.’

More China Study Clips Here


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