Chickpea Sauteed Veggies Toss

Light, clean, satisfying salad, Throw it together and have it anywhere you need to go and anywhere you want it!

Chickpea Sauteed Veggie Toss

I’ve been craving light and clean lately….this hit the spot.  The onions, garlic and colorful bell peppers were sautéed in Vegetable broth, brings down the calories, no oil….which you may have noticed I’ve fried a couple of things as of late so…..  Then tossing it all together with fresh tomatoes, Rice Vinegar, Basil, squeezed lemon juice, sea salt, a bit of red pepper…refreshing!  Enjoy!

The Recipe is Here

7 responses to “Chickpea Sauteed Veggies Toss

  1. This looks very delicious AND pretty!

  2. Looks awesome! Came across this video and thought you would enjoy it! It is a bit long, but the guy is entertaining and it is really interesting.

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