Pulling It Together

A clip from The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

‘…We assembled a world- class scientific Team.  We had more than 8,000 statistically significant associations between lifestyle, diet and disease variables.  The rare opportunity to study health-related effects of a mostly plant-based diet.

In America, 15-16% of our total calories comes from protein and upwards of 80% of this amount comes from animal-based foods.  In rural China only 9-10% of total calories comes from protein and only 10% of the protein comes from animal-based foods.  Ours was the first study that investigated comparing Chinese diets rich in plant-based foods to Western diets rich in animal-based foods.  The difference between rural Chinese diets and Western diets, and the ensuing disease patterns, is enormous.  Here’s what we learned:

The death rate from coronary heart disease was 17 times higher among American men than rural Chinese men.  The American death rate from breast cancer was 5 times higher than the rural Chinese rate.  In brief, animal-based foods were correlated with increasing blood cholesterol.  With almost no exceptions, nutrients from plant-based foods were associated with decreasing levels of blood cholesterol.  Consuming animal-based protein increases blood cholesterol.  In contrast, plant-based foods contain no cholesterol and, in various other ways, help to decrease the amount of cholesterol made by the body.  Lower blood cholesterol levels are linked to lower rates of heart disease, cancer and other Western diseases, even at levels far below those considered “safe” in the West.

In rural China, animal protein intake averages only 7.1g/day whereas Americans average a whopping 70g/day.  We expected that when animal protein consumption and blood cholesterol levels were as low as they are in rural China, there would be no further association with the Western diseases.  But we were wrong.  Even these small amounts of animal-based food raised the risk for Western diseases…’  to be continued

Further China Study clips Here

3 responses to “Pulling It Together

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Excellent information! I have friends from China and India, all very healthy. Much is learned behavior of what and how we eat. And you have to commit to changing your diet. Although I bake & cook a lot (mostly for others), I eat many vegetables, fruit, et al, and consume vitamins in my diet. Your data is well received; thank you for continuing the updates!

    • You know I have a friend from Bombay whose Mom has never had meat in her life and almost no animal products. My hope is that between putting the info out there, and recipes that hopefully make it easy and tasty to change what goes in their body, we’ll all suffer less from unnecessary diseases. Thanks so much for you comment Judy 🙂

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