Deep-Fried Vegan Mac ‘n’ Chz Bricks and Palmetto Amber?..YUM!

Now for something not so healthy… 😉  I didn’t think Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese would be that great for some reason….I didn’t think it could be much to write home about, or to you all, lol

Deep-fried Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese

My friends and I saw bricks of deep fried Mac ‘n’ Cheese when we were out and I had to try to recreate it.  It is fantastic.  I’m thinking Monday Night Football, or tailgating, Vegan and non-Vegan friends alike will be like Oh My Gosh!

Here are the ingredients and accompaniments

Mac 'n' Cheese Ingredients

And the Mac ‘n’ Cheese out of the oven:

Mac 'n' Cheese out of the oven

Then I cut it into blocks and put the blocks on a tray, covered, and froze them so they would hold together when deep frying.

Mac 'n' Cheese and Palmetto Amber

These deep-fried, creamy, mac and cheese block, treats are addictive.  I warn you now.  It makes sense I came across this idea in the South….!  The clean crispness of the Palmetto Amber was a perfect compliment to this.  It cleaned the pallet, preparing it.. all prepped ..for the next perfect bite. YUM!

If you choose not to deep fry, it is fabulous without that crazy indulgence!   Add any of your regular Mac ‘n’ Cheese favorites like crumbled bacon (vegan of course like Smart Bacon 😉 or jalapenos or diced tomatoes on top, or plain.

The Recipe is Here, YUM!!

9 responses to “Deep-Fried Vegan Mac ‘n’ Chz Bricks and Palmetto Amber?..YUM!

  1. Yum Yum Yum! This looks so good!

  2. Hey Heath, I came across this today and thought you may be interested:

  3. OK, now maybe I missed something or my lap top goofed up again. I can’t for the life of me find the ingredient or amount list for the mac and cheese recipe…in fact I can’t even find the recipe!! ???
    At 10 am, I looked in your past blog post for the recipe but started to get paranoid about getting cancer from the protein on your blog post so I threw out my Matrix protein shampoo figuring who needs hair cancer anyway. By noon I was so tanked from drinking my Palmetto Amber beer that I stumbled down the street, bought some Stouffer’s mac n cheese, deep fried it in my beer and cut it into bricks. Who would have known that when I told the store clerk I was planning on cutting up my bricks, she’d call the Drug enforcement Agency on me. During my arrest, they beat the tofu out of me (I guess less soy protein is good)!
    I lay there dazed. Seeing my crisp deep fried Stouffer’s brick and your recipe still glowing from my laptop screen, the lead investigator (beater) said, “Hey, there’s no ingredient or amount list on this blog, your lap top must be goofed up!” I stuck my head in the kitchen counter drawer and slammed in on my head. wait…My lap top… My screen color is coming back…OMG! I see the recipe is in Blue!! Sorry, please disregard this comment 🙂

  4. I have a hangover now but I’ll survive. Now where the heck did my shampoo go to?

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