Protein and Cancer Promotion

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The next clip from The China Study by T. Colin Campbell – The part that really blew my mind was the difference between Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein

‘..These were very impressive findings to be sure, consuming less protein leads to less cancer.  Low-protein diets, or their equivalents, reduce tumors by the following mechanisms:

  • less carcinogen entered the cell
  • cells multiplied more slowly
  • multiple changes occurred within the cancerous enzyme complex to reduce its activity
  • the quantity of critical components of the relevant enzymes was reduced
  • less carcinogen-DNA adducts/bindings were formed

Cancerous cell development was almost entirely dependent on how much protein was consumed, regardless of how much carcinogen was consumed!

These experiments also demonstrated that the body could ‘remember’ early carcinogen insults, it left a genetic ‘imprint’ that remained dormant, and this cancer can still be ‘reawakened’ by bad nutrition some time later.

But how much protein is too much?  Cancer cells did not develop with up to about 10% dietary protein, beyond 10% development increased dramatically with increases in dietary protein.  According to RDA for protein consumption, humans should be getting about 10% of energy from protein.  10% equals about 50-60 grams of protein/day.

But as if this weren’t enough, did it make any difference what type of protein was used in these experiments?  We were using casein, which makes up 87% of cow’s milk protein.  The next logical questions was whether plant protein, tested in the same way, has the same effect on cancer promotion.  The answer is an astonishing NO.  Plant protein did not promote cancer growth even at the higher levels of carcinogen intake.’

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9 responses to “Protein and Cancer Promotion

  1. Whew! ( I already knew that but I thought maybe you found an update to the China study. There are some updates… a loosening of some of the very restrictive original diet features for one and a look back into the eating habits of the section of China that was in the original study. Nothing dramatic, but it did moderate the diet a bit.

  2. petit4chocolatier

    Great information; as always! Interesting data on the plant protein not promoting cancer growth. Most definitely have to read labels and know how much protein is in our foods. Thank you for the ongoing preventing cancer and illness information! You have a wonderful blog and work so hard to give the correct information to everyone!!

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