1-Pan Tamale Pie YUM!

Talk about comfort food on the cheap!  Oh my gosh and SO GOOD!  Chances are everything you need for this recipe you already have in your kitchen.  If not it’ll cost you less than $10 bucks to throw this together.  YUM!!

1 Pan Tamale Pie

I couldn’t believe how super tasty this came out!  Corn meal, rice milk, daiya cheddar shreads, a few other things, equals your topping. Underneath it’s a black bean, corn, pinto beans, tomato, spices, moistness concoction that is out of this world!  Whomever you serve this to will be A SUPER HAPPY CAMPER 🙂

The Recipe is Here

Tamale Pie

4 responses to “1-Pan Tamale Pie YUM!

  1. Oh yummy that looks delish! I want to try and make it! 🙂

  2. That looks so delicious and sooo easy!! Nom, nom, nom!

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