Cannellini, Black & Green Bean Toss

This toss is so easy and so flavorful it’s great to have a large bowl of it around for something fast to grab!…though it’s hard to keep around because it tastes SO GOOD….!

Cannellini, Black & Green Bean toss

It takes minutes to put together, toss these 3 beans, the green beans have been boiled 4 mins to make them slightly tender, then all thrown together with halved cherry tomatoes, sweet onion, squeezed fresh lemons and lemon rind, Olive oil, Sesame oil, salt, pepper, and fresh basil.  I keep going back for more bites!

The Recipe is Here….Mmmmm!! It’s so fresh and wonderful I can’t stop taking more bites!

4 responses to “Cannellini, Black & Green Bean Toss

  1. Looks like a beautiful salad – filling and so satisfying!

  2. Ooh it must be a bean day!!! I just made a scrumptious bean salad myself and will be posting later! This looks fabulous!!

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