Vegan Friendly Restaurant List Updated & Check Out La Fontana!

The Updated List of ‘Where Can We Eat?’ is posted Here!

Check Out what LaFontana has for us!  Holy Cow!

Chef Frankie

This is Chef Frankie (above) and one of his wonderful staff at La Fontana, located on the corner of Savannah Highway and Wappoo Rd in West Ashely SC bringing fantastic Napoli-inspired Italian dishes to all here!  In addition to their non-vegan menu they have a full Vegan menu of incredible creations, have a look at it Here!   Plus Restaurant Week Vegan options,  Appetizer and Entrée choice with a glass of wine all for $20.

They bake their bread fresh themselves.  When you get there, you dine, you don’t want to leave for the atmosphere of family, laughter, friendship and fantastic food.  I was made a dish  that had me breathing it in savoring every bite.  The most succulent, flavorful bruschette!.. melt in your mouth, wonderfulness with a glass of red wine!  YUM!  It was the most flavorful perfect Bruschette I’ve ever had.

Chef Frankie has a mind that never stops thinking about incredible creations.  He has put together Fettuccine Boscaiola, mushrooms, onions and spinach with an amazing coconut cream sauce, Paglia Fierio in a white wine coconut cream sauce and you can’t leave out Elly’s Penne, their Aunt from Italy who shares her spicy white wine vegetable penne with us, Chef Frankie’s favorite!  Get out there.  Enjoy.  Check out the menu, sit outdoors or inside and have an experience!

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