Brains for Dinner Tonight…?

Does that sound as foul to you as it does to me??  Lol I think we’ve definitely got the better deal being Plant Based here.

With Cauliflower coming into season, I had to share this post I’d done that is downright FABULOUS to the taste-buds! ….A cauliflower head makes a fantastic Brain!!…(better actually)…sounds crazy, I know..seriously, in this recipe it’s true.

It shocked me…you’ll be licking your fingers.

Julia Child’s Braised “Brains” in White Wine Vegetable Saute, Browned Mushroom Sauce in a Ring of Cous Cous…..literally Whoa…!

It looks really neat on the plate too.  I cut the prepared cauliflower head into 4, place each in the center of a plate with the White Wine Vegetable Saute poured over the top as well as the Browned Mushroom Sauce, surrounded in a ring of Cous Cous.  The presentation was really beautiful.

…Anyone for a lobe?…lol

The Recipe is Here  Braised Brains with Browned Mushroom Sauce

In case you’re interested, you can see the health benefits of Cauliflower

Please forgive the video quality….lack of….this was one of my first posts in Alaska and the learning curve was in full swing

8 responses to “Brains for Dinner Tonight…?

  1. OK, I love the new style of eating I’m doing but… What the heck is with cauliflower , beans, cabbage and broccoli? I used to feel sorry for myself that I sleep alone, now I’m thanking God I do! I used to worry about my recipe for Whistle Berries (Cowboy beans) affecting my most inner tubular anatomy. But since inviting these other characters into my diet I’m more concerned with gettin’ blown out of my saddle! Got any cures?

  2. Great post. I really like cauliflower, so I guess I’m a brain eater too!

  3. wow, that title got my attention!! 🙂

  4. Loooovveee cauliflower! Great recipe!

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