A House of Proteins


A clip from The China Study by T. Colin Campbell

“…Nothing has been so well hidden as the untold story of protein.  The dogma surrounding protein censures, reproaches and guides, directly or indirectly, almost every thought we have in biomedical research.  Protein, the most sacred of all nutrients, is a vital component of our bodies, and there are hundreds of thousands of different kinds.  Proteins wear out on a regular basis and must be replaced.  This is accomplished by consuming foods that contain protein.

Various food proteins are said to be of different quality, depending on how well they provide the needed amino acids used to replace our body proteins.  About eight amino acids that are needed for making our tissue proteins must be provided by the food we eat.  Food proteins of the highest quality are, very simply, those that provide, upon digestion, the right kinds and amounts of amino acids needed to efficiently synthesize our new tissue proteins.  This is what the word ‘quality‘ really means: it is the ability of food proteins to provide the right kinds and amounts of amino acids to make our new proteins.

Can you guess what food we might eat to most efficiently provide the building blocks for our replacement proteins?  The answer is human flesh.  While our fellow men and women are not for dinner, the next most efficient is by eating other animals.

This would be well and good if the greatest efficiency meant the greatest quality, meaning greatest health.  We now know that through enormously complex metabolic systems, the human body can derive all the essential amino acids from the natural variety of plant proteins that we encounter everyday.  Unfortunately, the enduring concept of protein quality has greatly obscured this information…”

More clips from The China Study Here


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    Your blog always has very good information! Thank you!

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