Simple Beginnings

The China Study – clip – by T.Colin Campbell

“..In my own laboratory we have shown in experimental animals that cancer growth can be turned on and off by nutrition, despite very strong genetic pre-disposition.  As you will see these findings are nothing short of spectacular, and the same effects have been indicated over and over again in humans.

Eating the right way not only prevents disease but also generates health and a sense of well-being, both physically and mentally.  Some world-class athletes (athletes specified in Part I Chap 1) have discovered that consuming a low-fat, plant-based diet gives them a significant edge in performance.  In the laboratory, we fed experimental rats a diet similar to the usual American fare-rich in animal-based protein.  Guess what happened when both set of rats had an opportunity to voluntarily use exercise wheels?  Those fed the low-animal protein diet exercised substantially more, with less fatigue, then those fed the type of diet most of us eat.  This was the same effect observed by these world-class athletes.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to those in the medical establishment.  A century ago, Professor Russell Chittenden, at Yale, investigated whether eating a plant-based diet affected students’ physical capacities.  He fed some and himself a plant-based diet and measured their physical performance tests.  He got the same results as our rats almost a century later and equally spectacular.

In its simplest form, eating the right way would largely obviate the enormous costs of using drugs, as well as their side effects.  Fewer people would need to wage lengthy, expensive battles with chronic disease in hospitals over their last years of life.  Health care costs would drop and medical mistakes would wane as premature death plummeted.

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