Pain Perdu – French Breakfast Indulgence!

Ohhhh weekend morning and French delicacies….Mmmmm

Pain Perdu French Breakfast

Pain Perdu means ‘lost bread’.  This simple French breakfast using yesterday’s old french bread, soaked in vanilla rice milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar then pan-fried in butter.

…..topped with a white wine, sugar-water and cornstarch blueberry reduction..a dusting of powdered sugar…top with fresh mint…..Ohhhhhh complete and utter satisfying decadence

Do a mix of berries to take it up another notch, raspberries, blackberries, mmmm strawberries..I just happen to have A LOT of blueberries..Fast & Easy Enjoy 😉

The Recipe is Here

6 responses to “Pain Perdu – French Breakfast Indulgence!

  1. I love your tasty looking but blurry picture !!! MMM!

  2. This looks amazing! What a perfect way to use leftover French toast!

    • I agree! I was telling Judy, from I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy French Toast nearly as much ever again after having this creation! Soaking the baguette in sugar vanilla milk mix gives the baguette almost a carmelized perfect slightest crisp on the outside and a soft melt in your mouth on the inside! Topping it with the white wine sugar berry reduction….it’s sinful!

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