Fluffy Light Blueberry Pancakes…blueberry drizzle…mmmmm

Did anyone else, when you began eating PlantBased, think… salad?… more salad?…isn’t that all we eat when animal product free?..Maybe I was just the super uneducated one.

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Look at all the amazingness!  I’ve loved to create (..attempt to create) in the kitchen forever.   My sons were usually kind enough to try it all…there’s one incident they love to talk about…coming home from school and said ‘the smell in the house was scaring anything living away for blocks’.  I was trying a new Vietnamese concoction and even I was scared to try it.  They had a couple of brave high school buddies that went for it.  Crazy enough, it was good.  And we all ate…!

But decadence.  In baking.  Rich wonderful dishes.  Are these still possible?  My good, patient friend Sandy who was part of my start in eating Plant Based last year, used to get calls or texts regularly..how do you do this..what about…and can you replace eggs??..ground flaxseed and water…really??? Ok, let’s give it a shot…

Here’s a little light, fluffy morning decadence for you. MMMMMM

Enjoy 😉

The Recipe is Here 🙂

6 responses to “Fluffy Light Blueberry Pancakes…blueberry drizzle…mmmmm

  1. These pancakes look so tasty, could happily eat them right now!

  2. OMGsssshhhh!!! Those look so good!!!

  3. mhmmm it looks so taasty!

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