A Different Kind of Prescription

A little insight from The China Study, working to lessen confusion 1 piece of information at a time. 🙂  As I’ve mentioned before, if we have enough fabulous recipes out there to choose from, maybe going meatless a little more often won’t be a terrible struggle….50 % of the time?…maybe 1 meal a day?…You have to choose for you, but here’s some interesting info from

The China Study:

‘…The American people need to know why we are unnecessarily sick.  Why too many of us die unnecessarily early, painfully and costly, despite the billions spent on research.  The irony is that the solution is simple and inexpensive.  The answer to the American health crisis is the food that each of us chooses to put in our mouths each day.  It’s as simple as that.

You get the picture.  Fad diets are not health, they embody the worst of medicine, science and popular media.  If you’re only interested in a 2-week menu plan to lose weight and stay healthy this information is not for you.

I am appealing to your intelligence. I want to offer you a more profound and more beneficial way to view health.  I have a prescription for maximum health that is simple, easy to follow and offers more benefits than any drug or surgery without any of the side effects.  This prescription doesn’t require daily charts or calorie counting; and it doesn’t exist to serve my own financial interests.  Most importantly the supporting evidence is overwhelming.  This is about changing the way you eat and live and the extraordinary health that will result.

So what is my prescription for good health?  In short, it is about the multiple health benefits of consuming plant-based foods, and the largely under appreciated health dangers of consuming animal based foods, including all types of meat, dairy and eggs.

I began on the opposite end of the spectrum: as a meat loving dairy farmer in my personal life and an “establishment” scientist in my professional life.  I even used to lament the views of vegetarians as I taught nutritional bio-chemistry to pre-med students.

My only interest now is to explain the scientific basis in the clearest way possible.  Changing dietary practices will only occur and be maintained when people believe the evidence and experience the benefits.  My task is only to present the scientific evidence.  The rest is up to you..’

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13 responses to “A Different Kind of Prescription

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Good information!

  2. I have children that have chosen a vegan life. Sometimes it is a challenge…but fun…to come up with meals that will satisfy all. I don’t eat a lot of meat and sometimes think of the poor animal, let alone the health issues and think of making a change. Maybe some day. I will look to you for inspiration!

    • Thanks so much for having a look at my blog! I feel some lessening in animal products is definitely better than none at all! Some people do 75%, others 50% and some can go all the way. But some is better than none! In moderation, everyone has to do it to the level that is possible for them. Over time I became more and more plant based, as great recipes made a lot of that possible.
      I’m glad if I can share some inspiration and maybe some tasty recipe options 🙂 let me know if any questions come up that I could help with.

  3. Great post, really demonstrates a good understanding of the link between health and nutrition

  4. Great thoughts. Your recipes are always really delicious and have been helping get some of my friends and family members off their meat and potatoes kicks and into better nutritional habits!

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