Pasta Arrabbiata! W/ Fresh Torn Basil So Simple.. So WONDERFUL

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A glass of red wine….a wonderfully simple fabulous Italian dish….Mmmmm invite me anytime!

Arrabbiata sauce is so beautiful in its simplicity, whole peeled tomatoes, and their juices..I like to half or quarter them..crushed red pepper.. roasted garlic MMM! over your favorite pasta

..fresh torn basil to give it the perfect final touch this simple perfection doesn’t even need but it’s brought over the top..YUM!!!

What’s so amazing about this is not only how simple it is, or how much I am sitting here enjoying this now…but also how much I could see making this camping on a multi-day white water rafting trip!….anyone in?!

….the pasta may be a little crushed..slightly crumbled…but at that point it’s camping..we’re in the woods 😉

…lol or we could bring it pre-done in ziplocks like Will Farrell in Elf!…

The Recipe is Here!

14 responses to “Pasta Arrabbiata! W/ Fresh Torn Basil So Simple.. So WONDERFUL

  1. Sounds good- Have fun rafting!

  2. petit4chocolatier

    This looks absolutely delicious; and simple. Happy camping!

  3. Simply beautiful – love fresh basil and with the sun- riped tomatoes this dish is divine – oh and a glass of wine 😉
    Enjoy camping!

  4. I got the fresh basil today…this will be dinner tomorrow night! Thank you for sharing the recipe! 🙂

  5. I made this last night for dinner and my husband basically licked the plate clean!! It was SO DELICIOUS! I used some fresh tomatoes that I had that needed to be used before going bad and a little tomato paste with veggie broth for the liquid, since I didnt have the can of tomatoes. So simple and fast, it was amazing. I will be making this weekly now. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!! 🙂

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