Sliders and Pale Ale!…and Vegan? Yup!..YUM!!

Monday Night Mug Club!  I thought I’d try this for all the guys and gals out there that don’t want their fab Monday night football to be carrot sticks…which any of us that have been Plant Based for a while KNOW that is not how it is!

All I can say is Holy Cow YUM.  These are SO GOOD!  Grilled portobello caps, topped with carmelized onions, on a grilled honey bun with a Worcestershire, Dijon, shallot, sea salt and fresh ground pepper spread.  WOW.

These are super fast, easy and big time tasty.

There are a few pointers in the video below, and one extra one is, if you are going to use a cookie cutter or something to bring the portobello down to the exact size of the bun, wait until it’s about done grilling, because they shrink a bit in the grilling process.

Then slap ’em together and YUM!!!

The Recipe is Here!

9 responses to “Sliders and Pale Ale!…and Vegan? Yup!..YUM!!

  1. OMG, I will be trying this – like tonight!

  2. You had me at caramelized onions!

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  4. Soooo good! I ended up topping them in sauteed cliantro lime spaghetti squash and avocado. You had me dreaming of grilled portabella caps all day! I wrote is up

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