Vegan?!…Why?? Why be PlantBased??…

There are as many answers to that and reasons why as there are people who are!

Reading The China Study was a mind blowing eye opening experience for me.  Thank you Jack and Sandy for turning me onto that book!

I personally eat Plant Based about 75% of the time at this point and notice the difference, significantly, from how I used to eat and look at nutrition to now, and even further when I am 100% for a stretch.

At some point I may be staunchly 100%, like Jack and Sandy.  They read this book and never looked back.  They haven’t had an animal product for going on 4 years!  Just before they went plant based they had physicals and got the usual talk from a doctor to people in their early 40’s….you should watch this..and this is starting to be a concern etc.

Their doctor personally called them after new physicals and work ups they had 3 1/2 years later, into a plantbased life.  He asked if he could use them as an example of what a PlantBasedDiet does.  Their insides are like brand new clean bodies, now in their mid 40’s.

So I thought I’d share snipets from The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, here and there, that may be interesting bits that these MDs came across and for each of us to consider :

‘…Two groups of rats studied.

In group 1 – the cancer-causing aflatoxin was administered, then the rats were fed a diet of 20% protein, a level near what many of us consume in the West.

In group 2 – the same amount of aflatoxin was administered but then this group of rats were fed a diet that was only comprised of 5% protein.

Incredibly, every single animal that consumed the 20% of protein had evidence of liver cancer, and every single animal that consumed a 5% protein diet avoided liver cancer.

It was a 100 to 0 score, leaving no doubt that nutrition trumped chemical carcinogens, even very potent carcinogens, in controlling cancer.

The cancer-producing effects of this highly carcinogenic chemical were rendered insignificant by a low-protein diet.  In fact, dietary protein proved to be so powerful in its effect that we could turn on and turn off cancer growth simply by changing the level consumed.’

Keep in mind, I can’t say and wouldn’t say what is right or possible from one of us to the next.  I just wanted to share information that stood out to me.  I hope it’s interesting .

11 responses to “Vegan?!…Why?? Why be PlantBased??…

  1. I’ll probably lose every follower I have on my heritage and trail cooking blog when I write this. I watched the movie forks over knives and am now a good 90% plant based eater. In one month I have lost 14 pounds without ‘dieting’, I sleep through the night, no more acid reflux, and I feel great! I am having a difficult time on my food blog now. Meat played such an important part in our early days when this country was being settled. that’s why my latest post was about cast iron cooking. 🙂

    • I am so happy for you, to hear how positive the effects of just changing what we ingest can do! Good for you! Isn’t it incredible? How clean, fully nourished and how much healthier it hits you, it’s like WOW. And it’s amazing, like you said, there is no dieting involved. I actually probably eat more now, but things my body can do great things with. That is why I started this blog.
      I want as many people as possible to realize being Plant Based DOES NOT mean living on salad and a life of boring dining…..dining just for sustenance and to fill the tank. I hope the recipe page of my blog gives people options, lots of options, and continuously more options. It can be just as elegant, or super fast or satisfying or creative or over the top entertaining worthy.
      One of my ahhhhh moments is cooking for a bunch of friends, appetizers, dinner and dessert and them never realizing (much less missing) the fact that they didn’t eat an animal product tonight 😉

  2. The China Study totally blew me away. I was already eating largely plant-based when I read it, but have stretched even further since the book. I’m so glad to see others have found this amazing piece of research and are taking it to heart, too! 🙂

    • It is amazing, and with beginning to post snipets from The China Study itself, it has pushed me further and I haven’t crossed the line to some cheese..which has been a weakness. My next snipet is actually about Casein….which just leaves me with my jaw hanging open, speaking of Dairy.

      I hope my recipes page helps a bit cause I want as many others to have as many recipes to grab and do as possible. We all have families we want a nice healthy long life with, and we want to have great big family style meals with them, dine and Enjoy…with SO much more than lettuce.

  3. So amazing what a change in your diet can do, isn’t it? I would never ever have believed it 2 years ago!
    I lost 25 pounds, I have no more Menieres disease, no more high cholesterol, I no longer need medication and I feel better and fitter than ever before – eating a 80% plant-based diet . I will never go back 🙂
    The China study is one of those books everyone should read – it is incredible, it blows your mind!
    So inspiring to read your story! Great post!
    Thank you for sharing.

    • I am SO happy and excited for you! What a testament and what a great new life to not have to handle and deal with those things! Thank you so much for sharing your story. And maybe we can inspire someone struggling with health issues to give it a shot and see! What would it hurt to see?…!

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