Last Day in NYC with my Baby Sis!




I hadn’t seen my baby sister for about 15 months!  She trained in and the fun began from Penn Station.  We found this Brewery on our walk from Penn and thought hmmmmm..why not?…I went with an Oatmeal Stout, she went with a Blueberry concoction of the season…YUM!

We moved on and snapped some shots on our walk to the hotel:



St Patrick’s is having some major work done



We cleaned up, rendezvoused with our group of friends and the 5 of us were off.
Cab across town to this restaurant, on the 35th floor, this is what Zagat has to say about it

‘Asiate elevates guests’ dining experiences to new heights with gracious service, inventive cuisine, an award-winning wine collection and stylish design that is only surpassed by the stunning floor-to-ceiling views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline’



My sis at the window of our table overlooking Manhattan


One of our friends in our group of 5 makes me feel sooo tiny!!!


Beautiful neat sculpture at the entrance to the restaurant


Then we had to close our evening at our fav Irish pub on the hotel block.  My friends loved my little sis…who couldn’t!!?




On our walk home my sis pointed at the little white man that lets you know its safe to walk (which is what this pic is supposed to be of)…  I had to take a pic because of all the jibes I took for always waiting for the little man to tell me it was safe to go…lol


Now I’m back home, had a great 3 days…and had missed cooking!!  That still amazes me….but I LOVE cooking!  Good treats are on their way to share… ;D


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