Day 2 In NYC! Exploring, Surprise Old Friends ;)



Beautiful blue sky day and the city at my fingertips!  No agenda, no schedule….what’s a girl to do!!?

From Marriott Courtyard’s 53rd and 3rd spot, I headed out down 3rd. Cute shops, people watching…fabulous experience in itself in The City. 😉

At About 40th ave I cut over to Park.  I had an old dear friend of mine that lived on Park &….which ave…was it 39th?….no 31st…hmmmmm

So, being the sharpest tool in the shed I decided well I’ve got all the time in the world, I’ll just walk Park Ave looking down each ave for the awning I remember outside their building….no problem!

At about Park & 15th, Union Square, 40 blocks south of my starting point… occurred to me that I probably could have come up with something a little mooooore pin-pointed?…accurate?….a bit of better execution?…googling their address? lol…what a concept!…like I said brightest crayon in the box…not one of my finer moments.

It was awesome, saw 1 of my friends for the first time in 10 years.  Have you ever had one of those friends that is elegance, poise, graciousness wrapped up in a huge heart and even larger intelligence?  This is my friend.  She worked very closely with Walter Cronkite for years, and I swear she hasn’t aged a day since last I saw her.  She is amazing.

Exchanged new contact information, caught up for a bit, shared some pics, hugs and hopefully not another 10 years will pass before we see each other again.

After 90 blocks of walking and discovering in Manhatten…in the Summer..I was shower bound.

But look what I saw, 5 actual slabs of the Berlin wall


This cool little cafe tucked in a side street with a water fall behind it!



And everywhere we went we met people and made friends…from cool NY locals to France, Peru, Australia, it was SO much fun!


….Ready to cook again though….that’s for sure….how crazy is it that I’m exploring NYC yet missing cooking??!…lol


6 responses to “Day 2 In NYC! Exploring, Surprise Old Friends ;)

  1. Aw, I love New York! Looking at these pictures, I want to go immediately!

  2. I love New York. The atmosphere, the food, the people, the food, the attitude, the food. . . Am I sensing a pattern here?

    Enjoy the greatest city in the world!

    • LoL! I felt the same way!…what do you want to do…let’s go here..the we can eat here..then go here and eat here..then.. and try this restaurant…it is never-endedly guided by great eats options!! YUM….but can we blame us? 😉

  3. A beautiful,take care of yourself and enjoy yourself.

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