What a Gorgeous day in NY City!



It was so beautiful and so fun spending time in NY!

Day 1:  Grand Central! Walking through it made me think of all the things that have happened here, Flash Mobs!..all the things filmed here…!

And, wow, the largest (by sq footage) Apple store in the world, and it’s in Grand Central!

A street festival!?  Perfect!

Check out this Spice Table!!!  I couldn’t believe it!

And their Teas they make all themselves – Spice Professors SpiceProfessors.com

Super nice gals from Ohio having Candied Strawberries on a Stick…I’m sure we can work out a recipe for these…!

And check out these gourmet little baby cupcakes, just a bit larger than a quarter in circumference and no more than an inch high….bite sized and in tons of flavors like Mintchocolate chip…and chocolate with peanut butter dollup inside…or chocolate with a little baby white-chocolate-covered-pretzel on top.  Again, I bet we could figure out a vegan spin on these 😉  They charge $1 per baby cupcake – BakedByMelissa.com

The MOMA, what trip to the city is complete without the MOMA

Finish the day of exploring with a pint at an Irish pub….


A nice gal from Australia admiring pics of my handsome sons!…lol…moms even have to pull out the pics in a pub..lol


and dinner at a fabulous French restaurant….YUM!

Which wine do we choose...

Mmmmm this one…!

little breaks outta town are good…. 😉


9 responses to “What a Gorgeous day in NY City!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! New York City is my favorite place on earth!!

  2. Looks like a great day was had! I wish I could smell that spice table!

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