Garlic Chickpea Soup from My Sis Jeannine!

My sister shared this recipe!  SO much of what she makes, comes straight from walks in her garden with her little guys.  Btw..she has an upper level AND a lower level garden!!  I aspire to this….

I was babysitting for a couple for a bit, 3 mos old and 18 mos old-2 girls.  I would cup the 3 mos old in my palms, fingers laced together, arms straight down with her facing out to kinda make a swing.  We would chase her 18 mos old sister this way and the 2 of them would literally crack up, out loud!  It was the most hilarious thing, for all 3 of us!!

This is how I picture my sister sometimes, because of all the funny stories she shares about her boys and their daily happenings.

The little things and their never ceasing to make you stop in your tracks by the voicing of one sentence, or what makes them all of a sudden fall on the ground cracking up!  One in particular, her son plopping down in the garden and eating the cabbage from where it grew!  This cracked me up picturing him….Ohhh to never lose are child-like amazement!

Here is her FAB recipe – Garlic Chickpea Soup!

And you can check out her Blog- A Cooking Crafting Conserving Mama

Here are a few pics from her garden….and her little cabbage-lovin Wilson 🙂

2 responses to “Garlic Chickpea Soup from My Sis Jeannine!

  1. petit4chocolatier

    Adorable picture!!

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