Fav recipe from July…SO TOUGH to choose!!

Please give me your opinion!

Being the first of August, it was time to look at all that I posted in July and post the winner under my Fav Recipes From Each Month,…..it is SO DIFFICULT!!!

I’m still torn between these 3:

Strawberry Waffles on a Stick! – totally indulgent to the sweet tooth in each of us and a HUGE crowd pleaser!

Thai Spicy Sweet Sticky ‘Chicken Wings’ – The perfect slight crunch of the cauliflower florette with just a 1-2 inch stalk making it like a perfect little vegan drumstick, was OUT OF THIS WORLD….still craving more..and I made them twice!

Tournedos Henri IV (‘Filet Steaks w/ Artichoke Bottoms & Bernaise Sauce – The elegance of this Julia Child recipe tweaked vegan is entertaining and special occasion worthy……

How Does One Choose???

I’d love to hear opinions!…..What do you think???

6 responses to “Fav recipe from July…SO TOUGH to choose!!

  1. They all look great but the strawberry waffles on a stick have my vote.

  2. I would go with the waffles as well. I mean they are on a STICK!

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