‘Chicken'(vegan style;) with Blueberry Ginger Chutney

This brought a hint of Fall to a July meal…the cornbread slices(I did gluten free & Vegan ;)..the blueberries simmered with cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar, onions, ginger…poured over marinated cornbread-dredged & grilled, browned squash…This was TASTY.

If you are going lighter on the carbs these days, you can go without dredging the squash in cornbread mix and not having the slices of cornbread at all.
Here are pics of both versions, the first being cornbread free, with just the sweet and simmered blueberry chutney paired with the smoky grilled and marinated squash, Mmmm!

The second has been dredged through cornbread mix and then combines the richerness or cornbread slices, blueberry chutney and smoky squash IN EACH BITE IS OVER THE TOP!!

And the Recipe is Here 🙂

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