Vegan Mushrooms, Onions & ‘Cheese’ Stuffed ‘Chicken’ Breasts

Check out how BEAUTIFUL these are on the video!!  I stuffed yellow zucchini, lengthwise, like a chicken breast.  They’re beautiful and better yet, my friend Robin and I were like YUM!!!

This was new to me, but I always thought of green zucchini and yellow squash as the same thing, different colors. Wrong!…

I got yellow zucchini from a farmer market as well as yellow squash for this recipe.  Look at the difference in the video!  The yellow zucchini are VIVID yellow, like deep bright yellow.  They’re a little firmer, hold their firmness a little more and were fabulous for the recipe.  The squash were too though they didn’t stay as firm so the cooking time is a little less for them, keep that in mind when you make these.

But Easy, Fun, and SO TASTY!!!

The recipe is Here!

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