Thai Spicy Sweet Sticky “Chicken” Wings!

My mind was blown with this recipe!..or at least my tastebuds…..I couldn’t stop eating these.  I ate 6 before I finished videoing!…So careful and keep that in mind!

I replaced the wings with cauliflower florettes with enough stalk so they were easy to pick up, like a drumstick!

This is one of the other things I like about these!  I apparently was never taught the trick on how to get the meat from in between the 2 bones of the one side of the wing, and so I would always go for the ‘drumstick’ side.  Now eating Vegan ‘chicken’ wings, you can eat the WHOLE THING!!  No parts in the way 😉
And so much cleaner and healthier, no weird veins and carteledge…ok I’m starting to gross myself out…

These are out of this world.

I bought another head of cauliflower to make them again today! Lol!

If you like a lighter coating (much lighter you can use a rice flour and flaxseed/water combo which creates a lighter flaky coating.  I don’t mind the heavier coating using vanilla rice milk dunk in all purpose flour then rice milk again and cover in rice flour.  It all depends on how heavy a coating you like on your ‘wings’ and for your deep frying preferences 😉

ENJOY!!!  I Did!

Recipe Here!

2 responses to “Thai Spicy Sweet Sticky “Chicken” Wings!

  1. Fun recipe!

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