Strawberry Waffles on a Stick!

What more can you say?

MMMMMmmmmm!  I took fresh strawberries, stuck a wooden skewer down through the center vertically, dunked them in waffle batter and flash fried them in oil in a deep skillet.  Lay them on a paper towel and then dip ’em in maple syrup….MMMM!!

I brought these out on my friends’ boat for a tasty treat on the trip, had a tupperware container of maple syrup…definitely a crowd pleaser.

These are super easy and incredibly delicious!  I could see dusting them with powdered sugar if you were going to serve them immediately or serve them with a vegan vanilla icecream or frozen yogurt.

I actually brought mini almond chocolate rice milk bottles to have with them on the boat!  Who doesn’t love chocolate with strawberries!?

The recipe’s Here, and Check out the video to see exactly how it’s done…and don’t mind the thunder rolling in the background on the vid lol 🙂 :

4 responses to “Strawberry Waffles on a Stick!

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  3. How great is that? Such a fun treat!

    • Thanks Victoria! We had a bunch of kids over for dinner and had these as dessert, the kids just lined up at the stove because I couldn’t pump them out fast enough they loved ‘me so much, dipping them in syrup or powdered sugar or whipped cream lol!

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