Pork?…or Asian Jack Fruit…

I’m riding a learning curve!  After some research on vegan pork, I came across a website that made fabulous Vegan BBQ pulled “pork” sandwiches…..using Asian Jack Fruit!

The site is:  cleangreensimple.com

You can buy Asian Jackfruit in Asian markets.  It was recommended that you buy them in brine, not in syrup.  I did this, and attempted to make Balsamic Glazed & Rosemary Pork medallions. I think the problem came with the jackfruit being in brine and that combining with the balsamic vinegar didn’t create the flavor I was expecting.  I should have rinsed the jackfruit thoroughly to remove more of the brine flavor.

I could see how the BBQ pulled pork and spices recipes balanced or even negated the brine, though with balsamic vinegar more enhanced it.

I made it with polenta, so I ended up laying the jack fruit over the polenta and having it that way, which was good.  The polenta neutralized some of the enhancement of the vinegar & brine flavor.  The rosemary, balsamic jackfruit over polenta was tasty.

I’ll continue to experiment with jackfruit and let you know my progress 🙂

For now, here is the recipe, I apologize, I’m using a new laptop and my two recent videos of recipes I’ve recorded got erased by accident.  So the next recipe will be video-less as well….!!

Let me know if you experiment or create with jackfruit and how it goes!

Balsamic-Glazed Rosemary Pork Medallions over Polenta

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