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‘Chicken'(vegan style;) with Blueberry Ginger Chutney

This brought a hint of Fall to a July meal…the cornbread slices(I did gluten free & Vegan ;)..the blueberries simmered with cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar, onions, ginger…poured over marinated cornbread-dredged & grilled, browned squash…This was TASTY.

If you are going lighter on the carbs these days, you can go without dredging the squash in cornbread mix and not having the slices of cornbread at all.
Here are pics of both versions, the first being cornbread free, with just the sweet and simmered blueberry chutney paired with the smoky grilled and marinated squash, Mmmm!

The second has been dredged through cornbread mix and then combines the richerness or cornbread slices, blueberry chutney and smoky squash IN EACH BITE IS OVER THE TOP!!

And the Recipe is Here 🙂

Grilled Strawberries & Vegan “Filets” with Mint Cilantro Mojo

Oh my have I got a goodie for us!!  Smokiness of a grill, sweetness, of strawberries, mint, blend in cilantro and marinated Portobello caps….all over a honey brushed lightly grilled bun..YUM!!!

Yes, it was as good as it sounds!  It was delicious without the bun, very clean, and then I added the honey brushed lightly grilled bun, for a little decadence, (vegan, gluten free) and that took it over the top 🙂

Here is a pic from the grill: MMMMMmm!

Here is a pic of the finished product pre-honey-brushed-bun (I slid the bun behind the first cap when I added it) 😉


The Recipe is Here!

And the vid of tips & tricks below….oh & don’t mind my little 10 sec side note of how amazed I am of where I live..coming from’s a BIG change 😉

Sweet Ohio Harvest

Sweet Ohio Harvest.  …..That wonderfully smoky flavor of the grill…who loves summer!??  The smokiness of the grill is high on my list of likes about this fabulous sun kissed warmth drenched season!…have a look at this

Veggie Rice Xtraordinaire Flavor Xplosion YUM

I combined the leftovers of this recipe  Sautéed Squash,Tomatoes & Vegan Bacon with making this  Black Beans, Whatever’s on Hand 🙂 Over Rice and

….Holy OUT Of This WORLD Batman!!!

I added the sautéed squash/tomatoes/bacon recipe combo to the Black bean recipe at the point the recipe directs you to ‘add whatever veggies you have on hand’…..and Voila!..I think the red wine vinegar and bacon and added veggies of this recipe combined with all the spices and black beans with rice of the other…WHOA.  All I can say is FLAVOR XPLOSION AMAZINGNESS!!!

..Took this leftover concoction 😉 to another level…Try it out..HOLY YUM!!!

Tournedos Henri IV (Vegan “Filet Steaks” w/ Artichoke Bottoms & Bernaise Sauce)

Holy snikies!!….Hold onto your socks!!  This recipe is awesome.

This Julia Child recipe tweaked Vegan is WOWZERS!  I have images in my mind of serving this as a main course with 2 canapes (…sort of slantedly laid leaning against each other and sprinkled about with fresh parsley…) topped each with a ‘filet of beef’ (Portobello cap;) then topped with the basted & broiled artichoke bottom, crowned & polished with Bearnaise!!!

Yes, awesome….!

Cut it in half, to 1 canape, as an appetizer or beginning course.

My gosh, isn’t it exciting, all the options we have to cook??!  I love it

The Recipe is Here….!!!

Check out the vid for info, tips, tricks…..YUM!!

Sautéed Squash,Tomatos & Vegan Bacon with Grilled Pita Points

MMMmmmm MMM!  You can make this with the grilled pita points to add a smoky sustenance or over fresh escarole for a lighter, cleaner bit of a warm salad, by itself as a vegetable to something else…or heck over pasta if you are fine with the carbs ;)….SO Good!

Here’s a pic of it over fresh escarole, which is a great-fast-need-something-to-take-with Tupperware dish…and a REALLY nice pre-course for dinner or entertaining!!  Everyone will be so impressed 😉
…And you can show them how well they can eat and live VEGAN!
Here’s a pic of it over escarole

And the Recipe is Here!

Night out at Friend’s and Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos! YUM!!

..A group of your good friends, good food and good wine..BEST recipe of all 🙂

I got to cook for my friends last night, which was super fun…super fun! A lot of times I’m cooking just for me and it is SO much fun to get to do it with friends…hear if they think things are tasty too….especially when none of them are Vegan 😉

Each course was Vegan..AND A HIT!!

We had Spicy Moroccan Chickpeas (which I had posted on the blog in the Spring Here

We wrapped it up with Strawberry Waffles on a Stick (recipe Here)with powdered sugar & maple syrup….Everyone literally surrounded the stove lol

And we kicked it all off with this tasty little appetizer, Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos! Now these happen to be the biggest fattest jalapenos I’ve ever come across, so they happen to be SUPER STARS for stuffing!

Here’s a pic of the final product, a quick vid of friends eating them (lol) and the Recipe is Here!