Black Beans, Whatever’s on Hand :) Over Rice

It’s a day full of thunder storms, perfect for not leaving the house, cooking up whatever’s around…pop some movies know these kind of days 😉

…So you don’t want to go out in the storm…rummaging through the pantry, the fridge..what combination of stuff do I have??

This tasty easy dish came about!  Make it with whatever you happen to have around!  I sautéed & kicked in some onions lightly browned in olive oil, bell pepper if you happen to have it, or other fresh veggie.   Added in some garlic,  then chili powder, cumin, coriander, sea salt, red pepper, oregano…added black beans tomatoes and corn, slow simmered it all for 10 mins and served it over rice.

Not difficult, easy to pop into tupperware and take to work for some tasty breaks …some lime juice squeezed over the top and sprinkled with cilantro would have been a nice finish if I had them on hand….I recommend trying that too!

Super easy, nice & tasty, Enjoy!

Check it out here :)_

One response to “Black Beans, Whatever’s on Hand :) Over Rice

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